Back from the wilds

I’ve spent the last week in the internet-challenged wilds (and wonderful it was, too) and therefore need to do some catching up. Significant things on the context side include:

I got noticed.

SB: you are not redundant, as being younger just means I have more to learn. Also, I envy your posting rate. With regard to specific learning curves, I took your advice on the About page, and thank you. I’m acutely aware that I don’t know my medium very well yet, and am looking for ways to improve :)

Canada. Government. Humour.

Three things one does not automatically associate. This blog is worth it just for the entertainment value but the embedded commentary on Canadian politics is also valuable and acute.

Forthcoming entries will include a comment on the encroachment of the Nanny State in the UK and an initial reaction to the good news for our beleaguered cousins across the water: regime change has been successfully effected. In which vein I’d like to express my personal bit of international support, in the hopes that the new government remains stable and is not subject to counter-insurgency.

I am also working on a sequence of essays addressing the sociological issue of prohibition and its relevance in modern, media-driven political thinking. These will hopefully start appearing before the end of the month.

This is not the BBC, but it is London, signing off.


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