Rant round-up

In the absence of considered articles about any of these things, let’s have a round-up of things that pissed me off while I was too doped to rant about it.


Who piss me off quite often, to be fair. Having looked around a bit it seems the original contention that the BNP are organising the strikes is not quite true; this is more akin to the violent bastards highjacking peaceful protests, with the British Wildcats hopping onto a relatively reasonable industrial action and trying to nick the platform. But they could do it if we didn’t shout about it, so thank you, MiniTru.

The Government

They used to have that kind of law. They got broken during the civil rights activism of the 60s and early 70s because journalists for whom the job meant something kept taking pictures, getting beaten up, getting locked up, and still publishing until the law got changed. Now they’ve changed it back. Bastards.

The Government, the puritans, and the Daily Mail

I almost didn’t mention this, because I still haven’t figured out whether I’m ok with people assuming I like kinky porn (because, obviously, if I care about this I must be a deviant…) Decided it shouldn’t matter whether people think I’m kinky or not; this is thought policing, and it’s wrong.

More later.


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