Feast of Fools IV: What a tangled web we weave…

This is a high-speed event update as I’m working a bar shift: more considered thoughts will have to wait ’til after the weekend, unfortunately. However, the continued saga of misconduct surrounding Metropolitan policing now sees the assaulting officer under suspicion of manslaughter:

“Following the initial results of the second postmortem, a Metropolitan police officer has been interviewed under caution for the offence of manslaughter as part of an ongoing inquiry into the death of Ian Tomlinson.” — IPCC spokesman

We knew that at the very least, the initial post mortem was dubious. We now know for certain that the police did not just make mistakes in the way they presented Ian Tomlinson’s death: they lied. We are now in a position to speculate as to why a man previously reprimanded for professional misconduct was selected to perform this autopsy.

We also now know that the assaulting officer is being questioned over manslaughter. That is entirely the correct response. Now we need to let the professionals do their work (and keep an eye on it!) while we do ours: holding the planners and policy-makers to account, rather than letting them use the death of Mr. Tomlinson to distract attention from the violent, unwarranted treatment of the Climate Campers.


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