JQP in brief

Partly in an attempt to get my head off the G20 debacle I’ve got a couple of things I think need more eyes on them.

1. Craig Murray needs attention

I really cannot understand why no newspaper or TV channel has covered what is quite a startling development in a prominent continuing story on the use of torture in the War on Terror.

I had hoped that my evidence yesterday would be a significant step in ending the policy of obtaining intelligence from torture, and of bringing to account the ministers who approved it. But without any sign of public or media interest, the politicians will feel they can safely ignore the truth I told.

You can find video of his evidence here. The Yanks add some hope that if Cheney and co. keep pushing the President, we might yet see some court cases out of this thing.

2. Expect a bearded volcano

ESR in ‘pisses off Richard Stallman’ shocker. It must be five years since we had one of these. More seriously, Raymond is making some good points, particularly about the self-belief of OSS. The confidence we had in the early nineties which let us take on the closed software community came in part from GPL, but there’s a critical mass point that I think tilted with Darwin.

3. New blogger worth looking at

I have no gun (good sentiment!) writes eloquently about lesbianism, with earlier articles including one about casual sexual assault which are well worth a look. Fledgling bloggers live and die by their comment count, so let the lady know someone’s listening.

4. IMPish sense of humour

This consultation covers an important topic that affects us all. The capability to use communications data to protect the public is being eroded by new technology. In seeking to maintain that capability, the Government must strike the right balance between public safety and privacy.

First they came for the geeks, and no-one cared because they were not a geek. Then they came for our MySpace useage patterns… We fought them over RIPA and partly won, but they’re at it again. Translated out of govspeak this says that TIA-style traffic- and user-profiling based on mining ISP signalling data and log archives is necessary to protect us from … well, they really have no comment on that except TERRORISTS! LOOK, OVER THERE! oh, sorry, it’s swine flu this week, my mistake.


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