Cameron Eats Foot In Public

No-one cares. Quoted all over the shop, Cameron referred to the first government loss of an Opposition Day debate since the era of Callahan as;

“A historic day where parliament took the right decision.”

Er, Dave, you might want to re-consider the implications of suggesting that Parliament taking the right decision becomes intrinsically historic. It makes you sound a bit, well, wet. Seriously, did someone steal the smart biscuits and feed them all to Nick Clegg? I’ve liked the Liberal Democrats for years, and voted for them several times (the first major British political event I was aware of was the early 80s party merger). But the last couple of days it almost looked like we were back to the days in 2003 where Labour were the government and the Lib Dems were the only viable opposition voice. After a storming performance at PMQs which had even the repugnant right [1] scoring Clegg better than Cameron, we then have Cameron playing third violin to Clegg’s leadership and Joanna Lumley’s dress on the steps outside. Add in the recent coup of Vince Cable getting Frank Field to take on his own government over the economy, and it’s been a pretty good day for the only remaining left-of-centre party with a real voice in Westminster.

If people aren’t careful the Liberals might finally get the kind of press and pundit attention which swings a vote. Keep it up, Mr. Clegg! But be sure you know where you’ve put it, or you’ll get yourself in trouble.

[1] I’ve been looking for a counter to ‘loony left’ for a while, as I didn’t feel it reasonable that alliteration should be a restricted service.


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