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38 Degrees: Avalanche != Landslide

These guys deserve to be high-lighted. I’m interested in what they want to do; we’ve seen that this kind of project can succeed, but we’ve also all seen them fail. Don’t hold their domain name against them; the name-space is pretty polluted these days.

Electoral Math

There were always going to be calls for an early general election. The Graun has a pretty good article; in which it becomes clear that a lot of the people responding are a bit bewildered about what would happen if a snap election was called.

55% said they believe Brown should go to the country before the process of constitutional reform could begin. Unsurprisingly, Tories were most in favour of an early election, with 48% of those who voted Tory in 2005 favouring an early poll, but one in four Labour voters also said they wanted a poll soon.

What with Steen and Dorries the Conservatives are just as fucked as anyone else in an early-election scenario. SepticIsle covers it nicely.

TrampsBums On Seats

Mark reckons that one can statistically correlate the safety of an MP’s seat with the egregiousness of their money-grubbing. His figures seem to stand up. It seems to me that the party list system also plays a role here; the people put up for the safest seats are party insiders, and therefore those most likely to feel a sense of class entitlement; also those most likely to think they’d get away with it.

New American Empire

We’ve all known Rumsfeld was a dangerously amoral, ruthless clown for a long time. GQ, of all people have laid the story out in detail. It’s well worth looking at the slide show of ‘cover sheets’ for ‘intelligence briefings’; I was quite stunned. I mean, I knew the Yankee Imperialists were pretty blatant about the extent to which they share the attitudes of their political allies [1] within the lunatic fringe of Islamism, but this stuff is quite distressing, and does provide firm context for the rumoured “Bush bubble” which made the neo-con agenda realisable.

And Finally…

The users of the social site FancyAPint have voted my pub into the monthly Top Ten. We are very pleased, as we didn’t even know that they had a review/profile on us.

[1] By which I mean that both the neo-cons and the militant Islamists want to see the world and all its resources and peoples dedicated to an all-out holy war between themselves, in which no-one else gets a say. This is the practical goal of both groups, because both believe they would win it. Thus one can argue they are political allies working towards a common goal. Medievalism, marital rape and AKs all round!


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