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Privilege checking

Jennie Rigg made a recent post which got me thinking about the blog-roll on here. I composed it in two, short, bursts of organisation, where I dumped the contents of my blog aggregator into links dialogues. Wasn’t really thought about; it was just ‘list o’stuff wot I read’ and ‘list o’stuff about beer wot I read’. The outcome was this:

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I’m off to help build artistic installations in a field in a week; and between illness, work at the pub and work on that my ability to keep up with my reading and thinking has been seriously compromised. If I get a chance I’ll post at least once before I go but if I don’t, I’ll next be seen circa 3rd or 4th July.

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There are several very disturbing things about the recent run of British politics. The most obvious one is how well our home-grown far right lunatic fringe did in the recent elections. The BNP got enough of the vote that they get to have two MEPs now. The UKIP, a party whose platform is “We don’t like the French, or the Germans, so there” still have more Members in the European Parliament than the Liberal Democrats do. Surely there is something deeply flawed in a political system which allows a party whose main policy is to do away with the European Union more representation at the EU level than a party whose policies are dominated by the need to, you know, actually survive as an economically viable nation-state?

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One in the Eye

Look! Over there!

Bizarrely, from the Daily Fail, comes good news for British moderate muslims. While arguing with idiots on the internet, of both the UK and US varieties, I’ve become accustomed to certain stock insults being thrown about. Formulas, oft repeated, are much easier than nuanced positions which modify to fit the facts. One of the ones often leveled at the moderate muslim community (apart from “There is no moderate muslim community”) is that if they existed, and cared, and were not tacit fascists, they’d be out in the streets protesting against or confronting the militants in their own community. Where are the moderate muslims shouting down Omar Bakri? Where are the muslim Britons defending our troops from the insults of extremists?

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Trouble at the Top

How many?

This is a rag-bag of things worth noting that happened, or were written about, while I was down. I didn’t feel comfortable titling a 1250-word post ‘… in brief’ though, so this is what you got.. Starting the day with the continued strengthening of the Liberal Democrats, Nick Clegg clearly had someone competent on his design staff this week. [1] The campaign is one I like; the credentials of the leader promoting it are as close to unimpeachable as you can get, and there’s someone working on it who understands cadence. All good things.

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I was just getting things back in gear when I was sunk by a passing fever. I’m now (shakily!) back at work and eating my way out through 100+ blog posts and a further 150+ trad!media articles. Back when capable.

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