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So I’m back on the Metro run for the first time in a while, having spent 9 days in a field in Somerset making actual things out of wood. A short list of things I felt rant-worthy appears below.

Bit of a Blur

Damon Albarn and his lucky lads are on the front page having played to 50,000 in Hyde Park only a few days after their idiot fans nearly killed me at Glastonbury. I was always in the Blur camp during the Oasis/Blur/Jarvis-the-Cock-vanity-project era of Britpop. I never saw them live and thought I never would, so I was there for the Glastonbury headline gig, having just seen a stonking set from Madness and another from Nick Cave: and a side mention here for his stylish and heart-felt tribute to Farrah Fawcett. The drunk young dicks contingent of Blur fans started crowd surges about 5 minutes after the Bad Seeds left the stage, and I spent the next half hour and most of their concert mauling [1] idiots away from small people who couldn’t hold their own in the crush. What I managed to hear sounded pretty good and, idiots aside, the atmosphere was epic.

Unusual Affairs

A woman has apparently been jailed for perverting the course of justice over a malicious rape accusation. I have an interest in the politics surrounding this issue and have always said I’d write about it if I were ever to see that headline, so here it is. The interesting aspects are that it was an accusation between estranged spouses; that the husband supported his wife in court, after she had admitted to deliberately accusing him of rape in order to clear the way for an affair: and that Google can only find articles about it from the Sun, the Mail, the Torygraph and the Express.

Oh, Mandy

I mean, c’mon. We all know you’re a remora, and that your shark is sinking but you could at least have the grace to keep your mask on in public. Jacko did. “The government is not, you know, one big ATM in which inefficient or failing businesses can just come along and get any sort of bail-out” … really, Mandy? Recent events suggest that you’re right, of course. The above statement is only true if you’re One of Us; i.e. a bankerwanker.

Fasces is as Fasces does

Godwin’s Law seems to be less known among current internet users, but pretty much everyone in western society is aware of how loosely the terms ‘Nazi’ and ‘Fascist’ get thrown around. The term ‘fascisti’ was coined for Mussolini’s black-shirts because of the Fasces; the bundle of rods around an axe, symbolising the power of the bearers to physically punish in the street those who broke the law. Their law. The term was applied because the black-shirts responded to chaos and bolshevism after WWI by organising street-level militias and vigilante groups to ‘restore order’. Italy has now fully legalised their return, with vigilante justice passing the senate under the now familiar cover of ‘anti-immigration’ law. Already lining up to fill this role are the National Front of Gaetano Saya, whose men compound their own historical anachronism by wearing the eagle of German Nazism and brown shirts.

W. T. F.

We all got the impression through early April that there was something almost operatic, nay, Wagnerian, about the stupidity and mendacity of the Metropolitan Police. The lines they tried to spin on us over both Tomlinson’s death and the wider implications of paramilitary responses to legal dissent first assumed naivety, then stupidity, then blindness on the part of the general public. The excuses have worn thin yet remain unchanged and the public face put on the disaster (“inexperienced officers”? In a TSG?) is covered in egg. And now it emerges that when talking to a bereaved family in private negotiations with the IPCC, and after, mark you, the Guardian film had been published, the Met tried to blame Tomlinson’s manslaughter on a disguised protester?

I do not believe there is anything I can say which could add to that.

[1] In the rugby sense rather than the bar-brawl sense.


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