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It may prove a strategic error for the Cambridge PD to have shown their collective asses right at the start of Blog Against Racism week. It practically guaranteed them the spotlight as “offenders of the week” at a time when thousands of honourable people were looking for a bigot to pillory. On the other hand, I didn’t even know it was IBARW until Jennie Rigg mentioned it: hat duly tipped.

Mind you, picking between an arrogant cop and an entire nutbar “base” who’re are trying to claim President Obama is not sufficiently whiteAmerican to govern … I guess the Cambridge PD might have thought the “librulmeeja” had other things on their mind.

Nil Illegitimi Carborundum

I really like these guys. They can be said to Get It: know what you think, distributed authority, act within the law, remain peaceful, let the hired men and troopers do the baton charging. And never give up. So Climate Camp will be coming back to town, and a great many more eyes than last time will be focussed on the extent to which Inspector Knacker fulfills his legal duty to facilitate the protest. That’s help with, rather than “batter into submission”. Try to get it right this time.

Even the JCHR thinks you fucked up in April. Though on the subject of that report, they also blame Climate Camp for “failure to communicate in advance of the protests”: this canard was thrown around as part of the Met’s now thoroughly debunked spin attempt. Climate Camp legal tried to get substantive dialogue with the Met several times, and were stonewalled over the lack of a “clearly identified leader”. They’re a consensus organisation, of course, so they don’t have one; the cynical might suspect that what the Met wanted was a convenient target for early arrest designed to cause chaos by removing the leadership. That’s why a consensus organisation is such a good idea!

Smears and Jeers

Apparently, someone I’ve never heard of called Mehdi Hasan has been saying some sensible things about Western attitudes to ‘terrorism’ (since the GOP spent billions marketing the terrorist == Muslim trope). I had not heard of two of the cases Hasan illustrates of white, ultra-right/ultra-racist terror plots, though I had heard of the others. The imbalance, both in their treatment by the law and their treatment by the press, is startling; even being suspected of an offense (without evidence) can get you locked up, waterboarded and/or deported to a torture state if you’re bearded. Whereas actually building several explosive devices, compiling an arsenal of automatic and edged weaponry, and then promising to behead one Muslim per week is “breaching the peace”?!

It is as if these crimes had never happened. For most British journalists today, the idea of non-Muslim terrorism perpetrated by non-Irish white folk is inconceivable. Why? Because too many of them reflexively subscribe to the notion that maybe not all Muslims are terrorists, but certainly all terrorists are Muslims. […] One senior minister told me recently that he wished the British media would give greater coverage to non-Muslims on trial for terrorism and terror-related offences. “It would help us a great deal with the Muslim community,” the minister said. “It would show them that we prosecute violent extremists of all types – because they’re all nasty bastards, be they Islamists or white supremacists.”

But the British press are not interested in so laudable a goal, something so clearly in the public interest. It wouldn’t sell so many papers. Which says some pretty fucking awful things about the literate public of the United Kingdom.

And look, here they are

Like these people. Do not read the comments, unless you can afford to replace your monitor. So, since Sunny Hundal of LibCon (a third party) noticed that HP are a bit inclined toward the hysterical as a community, they are now actively smearing Mehdi Hasan for saying true things about the British media. I hope Mr. Hislop can provide the New Statesman with the number of his legal advisors, who have a pretty good record so far this year.

In Afghanistan

… I am not going to speak of Gordon Brown or the end of the push in Helmand or any of the other stories people want. I’m going to point everyone towards the Afghan story people need to hear. Malalai Joya does not need my words to help her along.

And Finally…

Anyone who’s been paying attention in, oh, the last thirty years should have come across the term ‘intersectionality’. For those who haven’t, it refers to the people who fall through the intersections between campaigns on behalf of oppressed groups; black women who can suffer discrimination from firms which hire black men and white women (but not black women), etc. It is an effect of pragmatic politics; the more focussed a campaign the liklier its success but the more intersectional injustices it will create.

The kind of Muslim who just wants to live by the five pillars: to build their kids a better life than they had and not blow anyone up is at risk of becoming the most numerous intersectionally disadvantaged group in the world. There are perhaps one billion of them, caught between the Scylla of the 8 richest and incidentally most white/Christian nations in the world, and the Charybdis of at most 200,000 militant Islamists worldwide. I’m talking about these guys, and communities like this.

The Western media and many of its politicians do not want anyone in their countries to know these people exist, although many of them are constituents of those same politicians and subscribers to those same daily papers. The myth of the turbanned sand-nigger with the IED in his backpack is far too politically expedient. Scaring your people makes them accept things like this, and this, and this.

But the militant, radical, and above all interminable element of Arabic Islam, the political “faith” of imperial Wahabbism, is just as convinced that these people do not exist. Or that they should not, which puts the mass of their own faith in the same category as us infidels. To these foaming men (and they really are all men) such Muslims as wish to have faith, to pray, to give, to fast and to work out their days building the five pillars of the religion of peace are… insufficient. They are not proper; wishing to live and love is not good enough for these demagogues. And so they try to convince us and their own followers that most of their own religion do not exist.

I cannot give those people a voice, but fortunately MC Riz can:

In these sour times please let me vouch for mine,
Bitter taste in my mouth, spit it out with a rhyme;
I’m losing my religion to tomorrow’s headlines,
“Guantanamo”, sorry bro? Nah, nothin’, it’s fine.



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  1. Thanks for the link to the Joya article – I am close to tears having read it, and will try to spread the word.

    Have you been following the kerfuffle about The Big Green Gathering?

  2. Cynical minds (like mine) might relate it to the upcoming Climate Camp … and the Isle of Wight protest. Anyway, see what you make of it. Slightly less raving-lefty article here; the question seems to be whether the gathering failed due to insufficient marketing PR leading to poor ticket sales, or whether it was hounded towards bankruptcy by unnecessary and restrictive security costs and licences; or a combination of both, and other factors.