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O Frabjous Day!

And so it came to pass in the year of the Millenium, when all manner of dangerous prophecies and signs were spread about the place, that the green hills and merry cities of ancient Albion were afflicted, nay, Invaded, by a terrible WYRM of great and hideous aspect, well hung with wispy tentacles of Vaporous Vapidity and Malicious Mindlessness. As its terror and INFAMY spread throughout the land, it cast down from on high the sages of Oxford and of Birmingham. From its evil Eye burst forth tendrils of calumny and gossip which infected those of high and low estate alike, who settled squelching into the swamp called Superiority Complex, saying “Hah, hah, we’d never let our children grow up like that!“: but they did speak falseley for the BEAST fed itself upon those very same children. And the names of the BEAST were many and nefarious, but its true and secret name was Cliche.

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