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Broken Britain?

I’m not alone in noticing that the Economist are doing a good job of contrasting Conservative rhetoric with the data. The most significant bits of the article for me:

Chief among people’s worries is their security. Under Labour, fear of crime climbed until by 2007 it had become the issue that pollsters identified as the main complaint among voters. The heightened fears are a puzzle to criminologists, who point out that over the past 15 years Britain has experienced a steady, deep fall in crime. The statistics are notoriously hard to interpret, but according to the British Crime Survey, the Home Office’s most reliable measure though still far from perfect, crime overall has dropped by 45% since its peak in 1995. […] Violent crime has fallen too. It is now almost half what it was in 1995, and no higher than in 1981.

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JQP in haste

This is an odd process. We’ve got to the point where we’re frantically posting forms about collecting signatures and credit notes and so on, but nothing useful has happened lately for me to write about. Also, my pub is busy, and I’m pressed for time. More anon.

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Process Story II: Informalities

Whisky Tango …

The idea of an informal offer was a bit new to us, as mentioned yesterday. My current employer operates five pubs, of which two are owned freehold by a brewery, and three are leased from largely uninvolved freeholders. None came from pubcos or from the kind of large propery business that I was talking about here. The new venture’s freehold is owned by exactly that kind of enterprise, a firm who seem to exist to own (but not manage) some 800 pubs around the country. The advantage to us is that they’re offering a new lease free of tie.

So, as is the way of our generation, we turned to Google and answer came there none. There didn’t seem to be any instances of these things on-line, or anyone blogging about writing one for a new purchase, so we sort of made it up as we went along. Given, however, that we’re unlikely to be unique in this situation, I thought I’d publish a sanitised version of ours so that future entrepreneurs will have better luck with their search engine of choice. Names have been changed or ommited to protect the guilty.

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Process Story I: So Far, So Good

Previously on JQP

I’m going to try and chart what’s been happening with the attempt to buy a pub of our own, and it may come out a little disorganised. This, more or less, is what’s happened so far:

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