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Get A Vote

Editorial Note: this is a plug for someone I know quite well. In addition, it’s a comment on an interesting development out of the MPs Expenses scandal among many other things; I wasn’t and am not involved in developing this project.

A disclaimer; I am explicitly not, in this article, addressing issues such as the level of education required to do justice to the suffrage. It’s an issue large enough for shelves of books, let alone a small article, and it’s a minefield of opportunities for comment threads to devolve into accusations of classism, racism and elitism.

It has become increasingly clear over the last two years that a pre-Enlightenment governance system in the UK is in need, not of reform, but of radical re-engineering using rational, rather than Imperialist Anglican, principles. Constitutionally we are breaking one of the great rationalist commandments: Show Your Working.

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