He’s Not The Messiah!

“He’s a Very Naughty Boy!”

I have been known to be mean about Iain Dale. Not today. Iain’s response to the negative turn in the Labservative campaign is principled, well-explained and (frankly) basic decency. It is a shame the Cameroons are not as honourable as Mr. Dale.

In other news, many things have been happening to me lately. I’m still buying a pub, it’s not the one I was originally trying to buy, it’s happening on a very compressed timescale and I haven’t had any time to write about it, let alone about why I agree with Nick. This is why I’ve only just noticed the two comments that went unapproved for a while, sorry guys.

I will shortly be able to post about the rapid and occasionally extremely annoying changes in the pub plan, and get some politics written, because tomorrow is my last day managing the Pembury; thus, by Sunday I should have woken up and will have a little time to write in.


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