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In general, I continue to be very impressed by the Independent, who are acting like it and clearly enjoying it very much. Hear hear!

Neo Con

The new-look Tories are considerably closer to the religious reich than I’d realised before their smear machine got into high gear. Must be #nickcleggsfault. Quite apart from Cameron himself, and Dorries, and so on, and further, we also have the marriage tax credit. This particular piece of medieval moralism has not slipped under the radar of most people. Not even all Tories; after all, that party are associated with intelligent, educated people and the parliamentary party keep up a campaign which assumes the people they’re talking to are stupid.

Sunder Katwala has a strong analysis of the dog-whistle thinking being employed at CCHQ. Also, according to Christine Odone, if we vote for Clegg ze Normans might invade. Or come back. Or something.

Increasingly, the airbrushed face of the Cameroon front bench, who have trouble in exhibiting character due to not having much is beginning to look like one half of a two-man grift. Vote Cameron; get Murdoch.

[ Edit: 16:13 I observe that Cristina Odone has pulled a Jan Moir whingeathon over the response to her smearing Dr. Evan Harris and claiming that Nick Clegg was Napoleon. Apparently, the horde of self-declaiming non-Liberal Torygraph readers who shouted at her are a LibDem “rapid response” team. CTRL+F “3:42” for Dr. Harris’ polite response. ]


There are, of course, worrying signs that the world might actually be coming to an end. Along with a British newspaper doing what it says on the tin, there’s also me agreeing with Iain Dale twice in one week. Iain has a sensible comment, if a short one, on the print media’s failure to place adequate emphasis on Labour’s third rank in party politics. The narrative has been focussed on Clegg: good. But the narrative also needs to start focussing, now, on what it means if Labour come third but are returned to Parliament in first. If even Iain Dale is calling for a V-style march on Westminster, it must be squeaky-bum time at CCHQ.

O Tempora

Peter Kellner of YouGove fame thinks the Liberal Democrats might be able to come out of this with a government. I’m not sure it’s going to happen; but the more people think it is the more likely it is, as in theory that could get them 49% of the vote.

O Mores

Our And Finally section is imported from Oregon and illustrates the problems caused by intersectionality, outdated tribalism and the arrogance of the idiot in public. Three Seattle men have been banned from the North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance (NAGAAA) for, wait for it … not being gay enough. In an actual trial, of sorts. I never knew the Gay Police were real and living on the West coast. And it gets better; guess what the problem was?

The rules of the Alliance state that teams may play up to two ‘straight’ people in a softball team. The team these three gentelmen play for was subject to complaints by a defeated rival that they were playing ringers; these three men were, after all, bi-sexual, which makes them straight really doesn’t it? I mean, they don’t count? Do they?


I’m halfway between laughing and getting really quite angry. But I’m off work, so I think I’ll have a smoke instead.


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