We’re Off…

to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of pub.

After lots of months, more bureaucratic idiocy than you can shake Michael Gove at and two weeks of stress, distress and uncertainty which I hope never to have to repeat, John Q. has bought a pub and is loading the van tomorrow. Then I’m going out.

I may be some time.

NB: a couple of articles are pre-loaded but I may not get back to deal with comments for a while.



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4 responses to “We’re Off…

  1. Halla

    Rah! Well done that publican. :-)

    • johnqpublican

      The cluster hasn’t stopped fscking yet, but thank you :) Also, I’m not yet actually IN it, which I should have been as of Saturday morning. There are going to have to be lawyers over this.

      • Halla

        Eek! Not the *lawyers*!

        Hope it’s going better and also yay despite the problems.

        • johnqpublican

          Well, we’re in and have been frantically working for some days. We are getting closer, but not fast enough.