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Good day

If too long, but I have a stillage full of beer nicely chilling in mycellar. That’s worth taking the time to enjoy.

Further details forthcoming soonest.


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We’re Off…

to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of pub.

After lots of months, more bureaucratic idiocy than you can shake Michael Gove at and two weeks of stress, distress and uncertainty which I hope never to have to repeat, John Q. has bought a pub and is loading the van tomorrow. Then I’m going out.

I may be some time.

NB: a couple of articles are pre-loaded but I may not get back to deal with comments for a while.


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Bureaucracy Fail

So, there’s reasons why I haven’t talked any more about the process of buying a new pub. There are some things I am aching to say, and once I have signatures in the right places I’m going to have my self some fun saying them, but for the moment circumspection is still the order of the day.

I’m still buying a pub, it’s now near the south coast. It’s nicer, older, in a better location for passing and tourist trade, vastly better equipped in terms of cellar space and it has a back room I can use to start a brewery. The residential area could have been tailored to my team, and I am going to be very happy once I’m selling ales.

The best I can do on detail is that I’ll be within the catchment to use Dark Star as my regular brewer; I shall be making a feature of British-brewed, craft lagers, and we will be making a feature of a locally-sourced, seasonal food offering. I’m working my ass off, and something interesting is happening in politics, so my opportunities to blog are limited but from after tomorrow I’m no longer running the Pembury Tavern, so there should be some at least. Evening all.

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He’s Not The Messiah!

“He’s a Very Naughty Boy!”

I have been known to be mean about Iain Dale. Not today. Iain’s response to the negative turn in the Labservative campaign is principled, well-explained and (frankly) basic decency. It is a shame the Cameroons are not as honourable as Mr. Dale.

In other news, many things have been happening to me lately. I’m still buying a pub, it’s not the one I was originally trying to buy, it’s happening on a very compressed timescale and I haven’t had any time to write about it, let alone about why I agree with Nick. This is why I’ve only just noticed the two comments that went unapproved for a while, sorry guys.

I will shortly be able to post about the rapid and occasionally extremely annoying changes in the pub plan, and get some politics written, because tomorrow is my last day managing the Pembury; thus, by Sunday I should have woken up and will have a little time to write in.

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New!Pub: Limbo

Still waiting to hear anything useful. Will update when we do. Currently trying not to let the illegitimi carborund me.

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JQP in haste

This is an odd process. We’ve got to the point where we’re frantically posting forms about collecting signatures and credit notes and so on, but nothing useful has happened lately for me to write about. Also, my pub is busy, and I’m pressed for time. More anon.

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Process Story II: Informalities

Whisky Tango …

The idea of an informal offer was a bit new to us, as mentioned yesterday. My current employer operates five pubs, of which two are owned freehold by a brewery, and three are leased from largely uninvolved freeholders. None came from pubcos or from the kind of large propery business that I was talking about here. The new venture’s freehold is owned by exactly that kind of enterprise, a firm who seem to exist to own (but not manage) some 800 pubs around the country. The advantage to us is that they’re offering a new lease free of tie.

So, as is the way of our generation, we turned to Google and answer came there none. There didn’t seem to be any instances of these things on-line, or anyone blogging about writing one for a new purchase, so we sort of made it up as we went along. Given, however, that we’re unlikely to be unique in this situation, I thought I’d publish a sanitised version of ours so that future entrepreneurs will have better luck with their search engine of choice. Names have been changed or ommited to protect the guilty.

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