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The Confidence Trick


I’ve stayed relatively clear of the commentariat’s dive into the Torygraph’s shark pool. Obviously, people needed to comment: for example, when the they smeared MPs someone needed to be telling them off.

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JQP in Brief

38 Degrees: Avalanche != Landslide

These guys deserve to be high-lighted. I’m interested in what they want to do; we’ve seen that this kind of project can succeed, but we’ve also all seen them fail. Don’t hold their domain name against them; the name-space is pretty polluted these days.

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Pause for thought

Dropping off-line altogether for four days has left me very seriously short on my reading and thinking. Bank-holiday weekends put on a lot of pressure at work even when I haven’t been away from my post for half of a week right before; so I’m not going to get it together enough to post ’til I’ve caught up on some sleep. Back as soon as I’ve something to say.

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The Great Machine VI: The Best Lack All Conviction

Because it was There

The success of statist/hierarchical capitalism over all other models is due to its effectiveness at defeating problems of scale in a low-bandwidth, low-tech civilisation. It is, if you want to look at it from the opposite end of the process, the most effective way of inventing the internet as quickly as possible. The ability to support, use and above all disseminate technological advances at a large scale in a low-bandwidth environment is why this model of organisation has always won. And it has now created the answer to its own success. Let’s look back at why Britain got the industrial revolution first.

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JQP will undergo a brief hiatus as I’m away from the keyboard doing some Ack-Ting. I leave you with Andy May’s summary of the downfall of Speaker Martin.

Mr Speaker, forever hold thy peace

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Point of Order!

It looks like he’s going.

[ Edit: 14:37 ] And he’s gone. Well, maybe. In a month. Then Parliament can start sorting out the mess. Oo, I wonder what’ll happen between then and now?

Oh yes. The 4th June election will be over.

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The Great Machine V: Full of Passionate Intensity

Our story so far: in a thrilling series of bold acquisitions and mergers, occasional plague- or famine-related downsizing and aggressive management restructuring rounds, the human race has managed to invent, in approximate sequence: banditry, tax, cities, bureaucracy, capital wealth, relative wealth, underclasses, social revolutions, writing, statist/hierarchical models of governance and universities. [1] This brought us to the point of answering the initial query: “Just what is it that centralised, statist/hierarchical models of capitalist civilisation are better at than all of the competitor systems human ingenuity has suggested?”.

The answers are scaling, and technological boot-strapping

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